My Frontier DSL is Slow

My Slow Frontier DSL Internet Service in McCall

My Slow Frontier DSL Internet Service in McCall

I hate to complain about this service, as the technicians who’ve come out have been very nice, but here’s the truth: I have very slow Frontier DSL internet service.  Performance will be “fine” (fine equals about 80% of the speed I’m supposed to be getting) much of the time and then just seriously cut out throughout the day and evening.  You really notice when you’re trying to watch a movie on Netflix or a Hulu video, etc.  I should clarify that last statement.  I really notice it no matter what — watching a movie or video is practically impossible.  Heck, blogging right now is utterly terrible.  With Netflix, the Silverlight software figures out what speed and quality to play, sets up a buffer, plays swimmingly well for 20 minutes or so (mileage varies) and then bam, you get the “Your internet connection has slowed message…” and 5-10 minutes later your up and running again.  Lame.  This will often happen multiple times throughout a movie.  I’m constantly managing the buffer and pausing the movie so it doesn’t crap-out and restart the whole process.

I’ve called Frontier multiple times — as this is far and away the slowest and most sporadic broadband Internet service I’ve ever had.  I’m pretty sure that takes us back to the Clinton Administration.  Not sure, but it’s been a long time.  The routine is the same — they tell me to go to and run it.  Yada, yada.  The test usually comes back at an acceptable level, which is frustrating.  They’ve sent two technicians out who haven’t found a problem with the lines or the modem.

The technicians who come out keep asking me if the slowdown is “time of day dependent”.  My response is “not always,” but it does seem worse in the evening — which makes sense, as that’s when the bulk of folks are streaming lots of zeros and ones.  However, I’m not streaming movies during the day, so daytime slowdowns would be a bit less noticeable I would guess.

The last technician that swung by said that all of his tests indicated that the line from inside the house up to the road was fine — and his money was on a bandwidth issue.  As in, someone with an infected PC somewhere on Frontier’s DSL network is stealing all my bandwidth.  He said he would run it up the chain of command.  I should have asked him what next steps were for contacting me, but I was in a trance it would seem and nothing concrete was established for a follow up.  Ball’s in my court.

As a bit of an aside, what doesn’t make sense to me is that DSL providers love to throw around in their marketing materials that unlike cable broadband, DSL service doesn’t suffer from other users hopping on the network.  As far as I recall, it’s basically DSL’s ONLY play as cable generally beats the snot out of DSL speeds hands-down.  And evidently it’s perhaps not even really true.  I don’t claim to be an expert in this area, just know what I’m experiencing.

So where am I with all this?  I’m not really sure.

I think it’s time to call again as things are really creeping right now.  It’s so bad that it inspired this post.  And I happened to grab a doozy of a screenshot showing  just how bad it is.  For those of you that didn’t notice, that’s a download speed of 48kbps!  Wahoo!  Surf is up.  I might as well plug in the 56K dial-up modem and see what free internet service I can get that outperforms this baby.

Is anyone else experiencing similar service?  Frontier, if you’re reading this, drop me a line.



Update 1-22-11
Things are looking up on the DSL front in our neck of the woods. Frontier darn near tripled our speed with a hardware upgrade. Yay! This is pretty respectable:

frontier 1-28-11

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  1. randy says:

    my frontier internet is slow i signed up for 3mbps and i am getting .35-.40mbps constantly.!!!! they say that they are doing some “upgrading” at the local office and kepp changing the date when it will be done

  2. Lisa says:

    Frontier took over Verizon in this area , Well VeriZon was worthless , Frontier is just as bad . Both is rip offs. Of an evening and night you just as well forget even checking your mail, it is slower then a snail. We pay $49.?? a month and that is for internet only. Everyone in this area and on Face Book is complaining.
    They must be ran by the Goverment.

  3. Neev says:

    It is May 5th and two months since our speed has dipped very low and needed explaination. That explaination was that by april 15th, speed would resume to normal levels due to some hardware upgrade. Well, no upgrade, it’s worse if anything. Today I sunk from the usual 300kbp with hiccups to a dreary 110kbps with no ability to play video at all. I don’t want credits for a year, I want the speed that was guaranteed in the contract.. it’s there in black and white, just do it. So, are they upgrading something in reality or is this just wishful “i hope they shut up and take their low speed” thinking?

  4. Ron says:

    i entered a contract with verizon for 768-1000 kbps. Since being transerred to Frontier I’m lucky to get between 410-610 kbps. The best option is to terminate service and find one that delivers what they promise. I really don’t want to hear their problems. I just want what I pay for. So long Frontier. It hasn’t menn nice knowing you!

  5. Autumn Hills Farm says:

    I’m writing this while I wait for the Frontier repairman. Two weeks ago I called their tech service line and after 1 1/2 hours with the technician on the phone I went from slow internet to NO internet. Another six days with NO internet and the repairman (nice guy — awful company) reset the modem, saw that the internet was up and running and left.

    Their advertising (propaganda) says their high speed internet offers “up to” 3.3 mgps – I guess that means anything over 1 kbps is “high speed” – and their basic DSL package offers 770+. My speedtest numbers? Download 53-56, Upload 8-9. Back in the late 80′s with a dial up modem I played a lot of solitaire waiting for pages to load. I’m back to playing solitaire again.

    I live in rural WV – and Frontier is the only game in town. The only cable provider went out of business years ago. I’m game to join that class action suit. Collecting money for a product they don’t deliver has to be some kind of fraud. It can’t be a coincidence that this many people, all over the country, have the same problems with Frontier.

    Congress, are you listening???

  6. isaac says:

    Ha, im not alone….Frontier dsl sucks..I have had their dsl for three months and have yet to have one day that my internet doesnt go out. I call all the time and assume they have flagged my account as to just give me the same old excuse and get me off the phone. it has been nothing but a hopeless battle with them…..oh and yeh they did give me a credit on my account….$30.00….wow what a joke….today yet again i called and yet again the same excuse that there is a problem in my area but a family member next door has yet to have any issue at all!!!!!!!

  7. Smiles49090 says:

    Someone needs to start a class action law suit. This has been going on for almost 2 years with Frontier all over their network. They keep promising to fix the speed issue yet it’s the same song and dance month afetr month. I’m in SW michigan and I have the same symptoms. At least I can jump to comcast for the same money and get 15mb instead of frontiers 7mb that averages 1mb.

  8. US vs THEM says:

    Anyone remember what happened to AOL when their sales out paced bandwidth and they slowed to a crawl? Are you listening Frontier? Lotsa hungery lawyers out there.

  9. Educated says:

    You pay for what you get. 1M service cant handle video. 30$ a month wont get you crap with Comcast. It is what it is. Im always over 2M with most all tests online.

  10. Everett Solomons says:

    I will simply say that for about three years (after updating my modem to a Siemens) that I was very pleased with Frontier – but in about the last two or three weeks I am experiencing the same problem you are describing. My internet speed has dropped from about 2mbps to 0.5. What is going on? You are right – who can continue to pay for something we are not getting?

  11. Sailorboy says:

    Frontier is a sad excuse for an ISP. Its so bad out where i live in no mans land WV that i dont have a choice but to use them, but i agree with everyone else. Why am i paying for service (40.00 a month) and i not getting the service that im paying for. I did a speed test and sometimes cant even do that. Either it times out or cant do a test at all. There is another town i use to live in thats only half and hour away from where i live now and the Frontier service there was reading at least 4 mb and that was on a bad day. Its bs that so many people are having trouble with Frontier!!! and of course..promises..promises of fixing the problem.

  12. Losing My Job says:

    I thought I was alone with this issue. I make my living working at home and computer speed is essential. Verizon promised top speed and pulled through. Frontier comes along and I watch my stats fall dramatically. I can only make excuses for my inefficiency with no concrete proof for so long. I will be out of a job soon if this doesn’t shape up. Just fed up.

  13. Brandon says:

    Still having problems with frontier? me too . . . constantly drops connection, and as a CCNA cert holder with a career in the IT field, i know the problem is NOT on my end. Red light on your box means authentication issues. This can be caused by bad connection in your line, or an incorrect username and password, but in my case is a issue with over use of the authentication services. after 4 visits and no problems fixed i am starting to get angry. About to switch service to Shentel

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